Sweet n Sour Widow
Sweet n Sour Widow CBD Crew’s Sweet ‘n Sour Widow!
Wonder Black Domina
Wonder Black Dominaursting with dark African power,
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hite Widow
White Widow Instead of locking you to the couch
Yummy Feminized
Yummy FeminizedWhat a great name for a tasty strain!
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i love growing marijuana
CBD Crew Outdoor Mix Feminized
CBD Crew Outdoor Mix Feminized Curious about high-CBD seeds?
Cannatonic Cannatonic is an extremely potent medicinal cannabis seed
Cannatonic Seeds
Cannatonic Seeds laoreet dolore magna.
Channel+ Perfect for SCROG cultivation.
Devil Fruit
Devil Fruit Devil Fruit is not nearly as evil as she sounds!
Faraona vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit.

Highest CBD Strain

Sour Diesel Sour Diesel One of the finest genetics available on the current market. read more

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